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Since 2010 RoaringApps has helped Mac & iOS users share their experiences with app compatibility, across 11 new OS releases. 

RoaringApps is a one-man operation - if you've found the website or Mac app useful, I'd love you to shout me a coffee as a token of appreciation.

In addition to the caffeine hit, it'll help cover database and server costs, and let me dedicate more time to developing RoaringApps with exciting new features.

Glenn M Heck Jr
Glenn M Heck Jr bought 4 coffees.

I'm clean installing onto a new MacBook Pro and then manually pulling files out of a Time Machine backup.  I haven't done a clean intsall since we went to intel chips.   I have sooo many legacy apps to deal with.  Your site has become a vital tool for me.  Thank you!

Max Mertens
Max Mertens bought 20 coffees.

Would love to get that App Login Problem fixed - check my last eMail.

Finally got it sorted! Thanks for your support :)

Someone bought a coffee.