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Robbie is a professional web developer, hobby game designer, and conlang builder who makes tools, apps, and games that cater to under-served niches.

Thanks for using my little tools and games! Your support here will go directly to maintaining, expanding, and creating projects!

Some of my favorite projects include: Lexiconga, a tool that lets you easily build and share constructed languages; Feather Wiki, a fully-featured, self-contained wiki app that's less than 60 kilobytes in size; The GUTS+ System, a role-playing game system that aims to be easy to understand and highly extensible; and the Google Photos Export Organizer, a desktop tool for organizing chaotic export files from Google Photos!

Check out my portfolio to see all of my past and present projects. Most of my work is also open source and spread among CodebergGitHub, and GitLab, so check those out, too!