Hi there,

Finally, thanks to “buy me a coffee” we have a membership and support page to kick off 2021. A page which we hope will become a bastion of creative input from you and the wider community.

From as little as $5.00 per month, or $50.00 per year you will get first dibs on portraits, postcards and artwork generated by our team (just me at the moment), and if you sign up for a year, we will create a commission portrait and post it to you free of charge. Or any other artwork that you can imagine of your family, a loved one or perhaps something for your business.

We will also be doing giveaways!

Funds generated will be used to support the business, and also a couple of projects, namely The Homeless Novel Project, and Rent Strike NZ which were largely stymied by Covid in 2020. So, they`re currently incubated social movements but will ultimately support artists and the community through the creation of portraits, artworks, prints and books through your ideas and support. Nothing can be done without community.

If you have an idea on how this might work or would like to support the homeless and/or renters, we`ll be encouraging you to share and participate. And we will of course be creating artworks designed to share stories by and from the people whose lives are affected.

So, to begin with, sign up, get a signed portrait posted to your home or business address, share your ideas and let`s see how we can challenge “the establishment” together.

Lastly, we`d like you to think of Robert Morris as your own little art and design creative agency. One which will support you with inexpensive artworks and merchandise, that you can use and share practically anywhere.

Oh, and before you go check out our shop - it`s been refurbished :-)


Robert Morris.