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I'm on a mission to make the internet friendlier, more diverse, and more nurturing both for creators of content, and consumers.

On Ungated, I help creators make the theory of 1,000 True Fans their reality. The goal is to help creators do interesting, vibrant work, and make a sustainable living with it. And perhaps one day, we'll create a groundswell of cool indie content in a world dominated by billion dollar corporations.

On Citizen Within, I explore our crazy political landscape, and try to make sense of it all, with an eye towards how we, as individuals, can make the world a little better. If nothing else, I want to arm myself and others to navigate our toxic discourse with grace and empathy, and build bridges between people.

Everything I do on these sites is available through the Gift Economy model, meaning it's all free of charge, or choose your own price.

If you find value or nourishment in anything I create, and you want to support me, this page is one lovely way to it.