Buy Robin Houghton a cup of tea


Hello! I've been writing poems and sending them to poetry magazines for over ten years now, and about five years ago I started publishing my free spreadsheet of UK poetry magazines, which includes URLs, details of when they're open for submissions, how many poems they want and how to send them, and other useful info. I update it and send it out quarterly by email to anyone who signs up. I do the legwork so you don't have to!

The service is free, but the list is growing all the time (over 180 journals listed at June 2022). In between updates I also send out reminders about which submissions windows that are about to close. The job is becoming a tad more time-consuming than it used to be!

SO... since each update is fuelled by many a cup of Earl Grey tea, I thought you might like to thank me by buying me a cuppa (£2)! Thanks in advance, and good luck with your submissions :)