The weather is finally getting warm enough (for me) to go out at night again around here. I took that as my cue to get out and shoot some long exposures. I decided to head up to Knox Mountain Park and see if could come up with any thing good. I brought my dog Juneau along because it just didn't feel right to leave her at home while I was out in the wilderness. She hung out eating sticks, chasing pine cones and meeting everyone that walked by while I shot my photos.

I got this shot pretty close to the end of our time on the mountain. I tried one more location after this, but this shot was the best one of the bunch. We ended up staying pass the blue hour and right into the night. Thankfully I had my phone to use as a flash light for the walk back out of the park or we would have been in trouble. Walking around the dark park with phone/flashlight was actually just as much fun as the picture taking. I'm sure I'll be up there doing it again sometime soon. I just have to find another good angle.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob