Can one person teach another person how to seek God?

Can you yourself, personally, even imagine a God who would be worth seeking? Really, take five seconds and try to imagine a God-worth-seeking. Can you not even imagine such a God? Wouldn’t a God willing to share His vast wisdom, or power, or love with you be, on any level, worth seeking?

If you did try, for however many seconds, to even imagine a God worth seeking, you have already sought Him, just now. Thinking about God is something He has asked us to do in order to seek Him.

Fair warning—if you very much, seriously, do not want thoughts of God intruding on what you consider to be your life, then this is probably not safe reading for you; but if you can imagine a God (even a hypothetical God) that your heart would find worth seeking, then you may find something of value in these pages. I hope you do.