Hi all!

Just want to share with you a useful script that can be used on google App Script (script.google.com) that enable to autocompound interests on FTX lending.

To set it just need to copy/paste this code on a new script: https://pastebin.com/7Y2rt826

You only need to edit the API keys, the coin you want to lend and eventually the subaccount. If no subaccount is used, you need to delete the 'FTX-SUBACCOUNT' : subaccount line (line n° 40).

After the edit, save the script. After that, you can run firstly the myFunction function that is need to connect with your API. After that you can run the KeepLending function. You can also remove the API keys from this point as google is now connected. Google may ask for authorization to proceed.

To automate the process (run every hour the KeepLending), go to the clock icon and click Add:

and select the KeepLending function and 1 hour time. That's done!

To lend more than one coin, just copy-paste the keepLending function, rename the coin and the function name and do the same steps!

Bye! 🤟‍