Hello botters!

Finally some news on one of the latest features of the Backtester program. I apologyse for my absence on the Telegram group as in these days I'm very overwelmed by the work (just changed from the previous one the 1° of March) and most of all by my family, so I can only dedicate del last hours of my day to this project, read telegram chat and update myself on the crypto market.

As you know, we leave the last post on the TP scan feature. The program finished to do the calculations after some stops due to various problems on the road (RAM full, crashes, some bugs etc..) that I had to mange one after another and manually restarting the program from the last saved point. But all of this was useful to correct and improve the program itself, so I'm only happy. One of the bug that was corrected was related to the calculation of the Avg. deals time, where the mean value included some zeroes and so incorrectly lowering the average value.

By running this test an interesting result was obtained. Do you remember that usually it's said that higher TP% gives higher ROI? Well, it seems to be true! But you have to be patience! And works only because the market in the long run is uptrending.

Here the time period with BTC as example and the results of the average ROIs on 23 pairs in this period using Mars settings:

Unfortunately, if you want to avoid waiting more than a week to close a deal (on avarage), is better to use TP<7%. Around 1.3 and 2% is already good enough for a ROI of ~0.2%/day but with a more continous income:

However, in a pure downtrend period, the game changes. This is the BTC timeframe and the results with Mars setting:

As you can notice, it is much better a very small TP% in a downtrend, as low as possible. But with this configuration a positive ROI can not be obtained whatever the TP is unfortunately.

Here a comparison of some community configs + one of mine:

As we can see, only ScarTEC have ROI>0 from 0 to ~3%, with the best value @2% TP., followed by config 729984 also @ 2% TP. TA and Mars unfortunately can't reach ROI>0.

Finally, let's compare on the long backtest. The data are (interestingly) quite similar in the 6M market trend for the Mars and 729984! (colors of the Avg. deal time are not the same of ROI, sorry):

As we can see, 2.3% TP seems to be a good point for both the top configurations before increasing the deal time.

If this is true, and no big error is in the code, using the founded config 729984 have the same performance in avarage but it is able to stay neutral in downtrend market, so less red bags to hold. In addition, if you compound the profits, is is better a continous income that can be used for new bots or increase the BO-SO of existing ones.

ScarTEC also is great in downtrend but less profitable in average conditions. Good job!

See you on the next post for that!