My current music obsession is the deceased singer Meat Loaf or rather Michael Lee Aday.

Ever since he passed away in January I felt obliged to go back and listen to his music.

The only song of his I was familiar with was I’d do anything for love (But I won’t do that) as it was a big hit when I was a teenager.

His first album Bat Out of Hell came out in 1977, the year of my birth so I was blissfully unaware of its existence. Looking at the album cover I always thought it was some kind of male fantasy heavy metal album. It turns out there was a little fantasy involved but rather a different larger than life melodramatic rock opera kind.

So as we approach Bat’s and my 45th year it feels apt that I actually dive into its origins and the man who helped bring it to life.

Go over to Babel of Words and read the first piece of my three-part series dedicated to this exceptional artist the world has lost.

The exceptional life of Michael Lee Aday (part 1)

Ever since he passed away I've been lost in Meat Loaf's music and story.

To be honest I really don’t feel like I'll be getting bored of Meat Loaf any time soon.

I've written a three-part article about my interactions with his life story and music.

I wrote a staggering 11,000 words about this fascinating artist that I am compiling into a zine as my own personal homage.