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Nov 23, 2021

Just in case you don't know apart from writing about Sicily on Sicily Inside and Out I also write poetry. So as not to get confused I post my poems on a different blog called A Babel of Words.

I'm only posting my poems and artworks for now but I'll gradually be writing about music, books and other creative writing too.

That's what I'm endeavouring to do.

Endeavour is a big word. It encapsulates the act of trying hard to do or achieve something.

An earnest, prolonged, and industrious effort. Or an enterprise or undertaking.

Endeavour is where all the hard work is, there is no talk of actually achieving something or arriving at a certain place.

It's where the meat of life is, where the doing, hustling and grinding is.

That's where I like to be, in the middle of things it's where the joy of life is.

Creating something, making your own way through life that's where you find your purpose.

The difficult endeavour of life is what I express in this weeks poem.

So to whoever is in the middle of the journey, I wish you the wonder and energy of a child to help you through it.

Click on the link to read the full poem and visit where my poems live online: A Babel of Words.

Sending love, light and poetry to keep us connected to one another. Remember poetry can feed the soul.

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