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Meat Loaf heart and soul

Mar 07, 2022

Those of you who have been following along with my Instagram stories you will have noticed my current obsession for the recently deceased singer Meat Loaf or rather Michael Lee Aday.

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Ever since M.L passed away in January I've been lost in his music and his story.

And to be honest I really don’t feel like I'll be getting bored of Meat Loaf any time soon.

I've written a three-part article about my interactions with his life story and music.

Last month I wrote a staggering 11,000 words about this fascinating artist that I am compiling into a zine as my own personal homage.

Today you can read the second part about Michael Aday, from his difficult childhood and his first time working with the talented Jim Steinman. 

The exceptional life of Michael Lee Aday (Part2)

In my sketch above is Jimmy and Meat taken from an iconic photo from the beginning of their working relationship, two talented men who met and forged a bond through their creativity and made some wonderful things together.

Their creative collaboration led to one of the most beloved albums of all time and dozens of songs that created new emotions and worlds for people to explore.

Read more over on A Babel of words.

It is an astounding story.

The first part of the story is here: The exceptional life of Michael Lee Aday (Part 1)

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