This week I'm starting a new series of posts all about my own personal taste in music.

I originally wanted to title the posts why I fucken love this song. But then decided to tone it down to why I friggin love this song. 

I thought I'd be totally self-indulgent and share with you some of my favourite music, musicians and other related impressions.

Music and poetry, for me, are the things that help me get through life.

I'm starting with Elvis Costello who published his first album in 1977, so his recording career is as old as I am.

I've been listening to one of his songs on repeat for the last few weeks. Read about it in today's post up on a Babel of words.

Let me know if you know of the songs or like any of the artists I will mention over the weeks. 

If you know of something else I should be listening to, let me know.

Read my first post here: