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FaZe Apex has a height of about 5 ft and 9 inches. And weighs almost about 68 kg.

Early positioning is key to winning a game: predicting where The Ring will end up is essential to get an advantage that might win you the game. If you can get to a building that is in The Ring before other teams do, then they will be forced to take the fight to you at a lower ground since it is a lot easier to hold a building than to push it, especially in late game. Play cautiously by keeping your attention focused far ahead of your immediate location. Climb walls whenever possible instead of taking the obvious path. Use Ziplines to quickly traverse open areas, but drop from them immediately if you see a squad at the end of the Zipline. If you enter a building, close the door on your way in as it may be the final giveaway that leads to your squad's demise.


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To achieve those 5000 points, players must complete five daily event challenges. Each challenge awards from 100 to 200 points, allowing players to easily earn 7,000 to 14,000 points in the duration of the event, which is 14 days in total (till March 1).

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Kill Leader elimination – 50 points of experience for each leader.

The game is multiplayer and is preferred for even beginners to try. To get better at playing Apex Legends, follow this method:

Don't forget the most important ping though: double tap anywhere to mark an enemy.

Lastly, similar to Overwatch's Hanzo and Genji, Legends in Apex Legends can climb walls - even if they're three times the height of the character! Simply hold the jump key after jumping towards a wall. In almost every shooter game, fighting against an opponent who has the high ground puts you at a great disadvantage. Therefore, using the climb function during the heat of battle may tip the odds in your favor. 

Complete simple offers, fill out surveys, watch videos, etc to earn coins.

Fire 12 mini-rockets in a rectangular grid to damage and stun nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy with multiple rockets won’t increase the amount of damage dealt by this ability.

We hope that this guide has helped you get a baseline for your own ingame settings or that it has been helpful to you in some other way.

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Apex Legends continues to do extremely well and is constantly growing, yet the absence of a complete version for next-generation consoles is a mystery. So when will we be seeing an upgraded version of the free-to-play battle royale on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

In free practice, players can fine-tune their shooting and learn more of their legend’s ability. Players can go to free practice alone or with their squad. Players can choose from all the different guns in the game and try shooting the targets and dummies. They can adjust all their settings directly in the free practice.

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It’s not solid cover, but most people won’t go wading through smoke unless they’re sure of where you’re at. Try to always save at least one charge for when you or an ally needs to back off from a firefight. That being said, if you do grab a Digital Threat, go to town on your enemies and smoke them in every engagement so you can get some quick, easy kills.

On a similar note, if you’re finding yourself getting hit regularly during mid-long range engagements, take yourself out of the firing line and get healed up.

In this section of the Apex Legends Mobile Beginners Guide, we will discuss each of them in detail.

As with other battle royale games, one of the main requests from players it to be able to play with friends (or foes) across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Respawn have confirmed that they're working on it, and here's everything we know about when Apex Legends cross platform play will be available.

You can see the charge-up indicators on either side of the reticle.

Will you get heirloom before you get to lv 100

While burst fire guns are not really my cup of tea, the Hemlok burst AR in Apex Legends Mobile is something players with good aim should pick up. This handy gun can switch between single-shot and burst fire and has a predictable (and easy to control) recoil pattern. So, coupled with an increased damage and a good rate of fire, the Hemlok will serve you well in the medium range. However, don’t take this gun close up if you want to live to see another day in the Outlands.

The first thing you’ll have to decide is what character you’re going to play this round. Let’s run through them:

Overall though, to have any real chance of making progress, a minimum of three characters need to be understood fully due to the off chance that your first two picks may be chosen by teammates. 

Rewards: Flatline Skin, Banner Badge for all legends & 1000 Apex Coins

The Ping system is extremely useful for conveying information to your team without actually communicating over a microphone. You can quickly ping loot for your teammates, point out an enemy on the battlefield, decline an action, and even indicate that you are going to loot a specific area.

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Respawn’s immensely popular battle royale game Apex Legends is a frenetic and challenging title that keeps millions of players busy each month with exciting new events, fresh characters to try, and plenty of loot to find and use. However, with so many changes since its original 2019 launch, the game can occasionally feel somewhat challenging for new players who may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of playable characters, massive loot pool, and chaotic experience of fighting alongside 60 other players. In this beginner’s guide for Apex Legends, we’ll hook you up with some tips that will help you master the art of dropping, looting, and slaying your way to becoming the last player standing.

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Being able to quickly action these commands from memory makes strategizing a smoother experience for all. Talking to people is overrated anyway. 

Apex Legends has 14 playable characters to choose from. Each legend has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. Besides those perks, all legends play the same. They move at the same speed and can pick up and use the same gear. Just know that no matter who you pick, you can still make it to the end of a match, so we suggest taking each legend for a spin to see which abilities click with you.

If you are using voice chat, and you're serious about trying to win the match, you should keep up a steady stream of information both in and out of combat. Your teammates should know where you are in relation to them without them having to take their eyes off their goal to look for you.

This high-powered revolver is the best pistol in Apex Legends Mobile right now. Definitely the most powerful pistol in the game, Wingman churns out six bullets through its revolver mechanism. Reloading is faster than one would expect with the entire six-bullet magazine being replaced.

Apex Legends places you in a team of three in a battle royale like no other. There are eight Legends you can choose to play as, each with their own skills and special moves, as well as a host of different weapons and items at your disposal.

Season 6 introduced crafting to Apex Legends, and it helps a lot in rounding out your build. You shouldn’t look at crafting as a replacement for looting — it’s a supplement to looting. Use the Replicator crafting stations to pick up extra ammo and outfit your guns with better parts. If you have a specific type of weapon you need — Rampart has faster reloads and increased magazine capacity with LMGs, for example — you can buy a new weapon. Still, it’s best not to rely on Replicators for new guns.

5. Obtain Battle Passes

Battle Royals consist of roughly 100 players, all competing to be the last squad standing. In such a big player pool, not every player is built the same. But some seem to be a little too terrible, lacking properly reaction and decision making. In a lot of mobile battle royals, the game utilizes bots to fill in the lack of players, helping facilitate the matchmaking. This then begs the question, does Apex Legends Mobile have bots?

As with the care packages and supply drops, though, stay frosty. It's one thing to take your time if your squad got the kill and you know the area is (relatively) clear. But if you stumble upon a purple or gold death box while running around, there might be a stick attached to that carrot. And by stick, I mean a sniper with deadly aim.

The fact that EA will release the Titanfall spin-off in this kind of unusual form wasn't understood until the very last moment. Following the buy of "electronics" studio Respawn Entertainment, there were also rumors regarding the third part, but nothing longer. The fact that instead of a separate independent computer game in this world, we'll be given a f2p shooter, and even at the genre of the royal battle, has been a surprise. But, there was just no time to be amazed: the very first rumors about a new project appeared a few days before the official announcement, immediately after which the game has been published.

1. The Idle-Empire

Choose Redeem Codes.

At the very least, you'll want to run through the training mode once to get a feel for the button layout. It can be completed in under five minutes, which is a minor sacrifice to reduce the risk of accidentally reloading when you're trying to melee, or crouching when you're trying to sprint.

There is but 1 map so far - Kings Canyon. Despite its rather small size (when compared with all the open areas of PUBG), it is a somewhat mixed group of locations where you can find open spaces and smaller villages with crowded homes, and in certain places, there are huge buildings using a real labyrinth of rooms. Those who were awaiting the titans from Titanfall will be disappointed: there's not any technology whatsoever in the computer game. Yes and it isn't needed - that the characters operate very briskly, so death beyond the circle happens very rarely.

Let’s say you didn’t pay attention to the security ring and the gate closed on you, don’t forget that you can run faster by simply storing your weapon! You may tend to forget it as quickly as the Pathfinder taught you during the tutorial phase, but it is a very interesting gameplay mechanism. So a reminder won’t hurt you… Store your weapon by pressing and holding the button that normally switches between your two weapons, you can get out of the barrier faster to get back into the playground or run faster if you have attackers after you and you are not able to defend yourself.

As we reported yesterday, many players have recently been using an Origin launcher exploit to grant their accounts a free month of Origin Access. This promo came with a bonus reward of 1,000 Apex Coins, a banner badge, and an epic Flatline skin. While this particular version of the exploit seemed to surface recently, the mechanic behind the cheat has been around. The same method used to abuse the EA Access promo was previously used by players to grab free rewards from a Twitch Prime promotion. Exploiters needed only to enter a command line in their client’s launch settings, and they’d get all of the Twitch Prime bonus rewards without ever having to actually sign up.

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Another option we have for you is to participate in Giveaways. After third-party apps and websites, it’s one of the best and most useful ways to get free coins. A lot of YouTube streamers and Websites, even Instagram influencers hold giveaways, and to get these coins, they keep tasks for their subscribers and followers, such as liking, sharing, subscribing, or commenting on their posts, and tagging people to get gifts. And they choose some of the most dedicated users to reward.

When you’re engaged in a fight with an enemy squad and do a significant amount of damage, they’re often likely to attempt an escape for healing. It’s always hard to fight the urge to push them, but doing so without enough information could sometimes get you in trouble. Their teammates could be waiting around that corner to ambush you, so if you can’t be certain that you can get in and get the kill without going down yourself, it’s likely better to just communicate with your team and ensure you form a quick plan .

EA and Respawn had already been building anticipation for Apex Legends' next big event. However, the Warriors Collection event is offering more than just a few limited-time additions. It's also ushering in the official arrival of the battle royale shooter on next-gen hardware.

Apex Coins for free benefit you not only in your game but also in your finances. In this post, we will discuss the many methods for obtaining Free Apex Coins in a hassle-free manner.

There's only so much that a single individual can do within a team game such as Apex Legends, so it's extremely vital that you work with your squad and stick with them. 

GameGleam is a reward platform that rewards their users with Points for playing games and completing tasks within the game. There are also multiple other ways to earn points such as completing offers, creating content and by inviting your friends.

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