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The gameplay consists of top-down arena battles that open as the game progresses. You can collect several decks for different tactics. At one point in time, there are only 4 cards at hand, and there are eight of them in the deck. These 4 cards are selected at random. Thus, the player never knows exactly when this or that character from the deck can become available.

This deck centres around the Royal Ghost, an area of effect damage unit that hovers and remains invisible until he starts fighting the enemy. This gives you a huge advantage in attacking, especially if you have the fast-moving prince – who pairs well with splash damage units due to his single-target attacks – and if you use your giant to cover him. The flying electro dragon also provides a speedy source of damage.

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Once the battle is declared, the players must wait for the Exlixir bar to fill up. This will be very crucial in the game as the player will have an advantage of deploying the right card to counter the enemy. The Clash Royal Arena advices players to deploy their cards just before or after the Elixir bar is filled up.

Of course, in one deck you can't have all of them, but if you choose a deck style you like, you can start building your deck. The main deck styles are these:

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Just like with the Bone Pit, Giant will lead the charge while Balloon follows behind it. Musketeers, Minions, and Fire Spirits are there to counter foes using the same strategy, while Barbarians will supply utility. Choosing Arrows or Fireball is just a matter of personal preference of lower Elixir cost and lower power versus higher Elixir cost and higher power.

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Collect and level up your cards, build your battle decks, and devise strategies to take on the world one opponent at a time.

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Clash Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Gems) is one of Supercell’s “the hen that lay golden egg” games, alongside other popular games such as Hay Day, Boom Beach, etc. Download this game right now to participate in exciting battles!

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However, scarcity doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t strategize methods to increase your chances of receiving Gems.

Download BlueStacks X on your PC and play via the Hybrid Cloud or use the BlueStacks 5 app player to download and play the game on your PC.

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The ideal average elixir cost should be around 4.0 maximum. Anything above this and you could be in trouble. You need to be able to deploy multiple troops at once without requiring maximum elixir at all times.

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After getting the gems for free, you can purchase gold, upgrade existing cards or buy new. You should choose the cards carefully. You have to be aware of both defense and combat. In the game, you should know how to defend yourself as well as fight. You have to consider both. If you only defend yourself, you quickly forget the attack. You can also win if your opponent has fallen two of the towers, but you yourself destroy all three of the enemy towers. That’s why you should focus on attacking.

Clash Royale is a Supercell game and is available guidance on iOS e Android. Now, tell us what you think of the tips in the comments. Did they help you win? Contact us and enjoy to read more about games Mobile on our website.

If you need a clan, well, we have a forum thread where you can find some clans with fellow TouchArcade readers to play with.

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If you have an average elixir cost of 4.0 or above, you might want to consider having the elixir collector in your deck. This card will collect more elixir for you and allow you to play troops faster. However, this is also a high cost card, as it is 6 elixir.

While it might seem random, there's actually an algorithm which determines the order of the chests you receive. Every 240 Chests, you get three Giant Chests, three Magical Chests, 54 Gold Chests and the remaining 190 in Silver Chests.

If you want some more advanced tips, be sure to visit any of our other Guide Pages with Strategies to take your game to the next level.

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Any deck you choose, find the best combo, i.e. the card-pairs that are hard to defend against when used together. E.g. Balloon + Rage, Giant + Wizard, Hog Rider + Fire Spirit, etc.

In most of the instances, opponent towers will be able to one-shot these units. However, if opponent does not respond, the card can deal about 300 damage to the tower.

This doesn't work and it's not a good idea. Reach Arena 2 and 3 as quickly as possible to upgrade your troops and have a better chance of winning. The higher the arena, the better the “chests” when you win battles. The better the rewards, the more gold and cards you can get to upgrade your deck. And only with a big update and a lot of money can you advance to fight in a superior Arena. This boost will help you win battles and earn rewards instead of just fighting easier enemies. In the end, it's not worth dropping your trophies just to fight in an inferior arena.

In Clash of Clans, users have access to a public chat room with other players from around the world. This is called global chat or just "global".

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(Valkyrie, Bomber, Wizard, Skeleton Army)

(Fireball, Arrows, Rocket, Zap, Poison, Lightning, Goblin Barrel)

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Call of Duty Mobile features a rank system that is fairly similar to that of PUBG Mobile or Free Fire. Similarly, the game features both, multiplayer as well as battle royale modes for rank matches. The quickest method to climb through the leaderboards and finish the season with a high rank is to simply play ranked matches while trying to perform at your best personal level.

Along with the regular game, there are many small games and arenas too which are the major part of this game. The players can play them too to win rewards.

This game is safe to download because 3it contains no security threats such as the viruses, malware and spyware.

If you are attacking, then you can opt for either of the two Arena Towers. It is better the player concentrates on bringing down one Tower at a time than trying to take out two Towers. The Tower with the lowest HP must be the first target. But if the rival sends his soldiers to the one of your arena, the player must focus on defending his/her tower rather than attack the enemy tower.

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- Goblins (can be replaced with minions)

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I am level 8 in arena 8 - 2323 trophies. This is my deck:

The Prince – a card often used by many players – is weak to the Skeleton Army, as he’ll be swarmed by it and dead within seconds. If you find yourself against a few princes, stick the undead horde in your deck. However, the Skeleton Army can easily be killed with projectiles like the arrow barrage or fireball, so make sure you are prepared for this.

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