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What are some random facts about Clash Royale?

On August 31, 2020, Clan Wars II was added and was a reworked version of its predecessor. Each week consists of three "Training Days" and four "Battle Days." During Training Days, participants can add troops to their respective Clan Boat, which mark the progress in the week's war and add movement bonuses based on surviving troops. Battles are fought with 32 total cards from the player's collection being used to make four unique war-decks with no overlapping cards. War-decks can be play-tested during these Training Days, though Boats cannot be attacked until Battle Days. On Battle Days, players have the option of several battle variations, with points given based on wins and participation. Clan Trophies are still awarded for the clan's placement in the War, which is determined by which Clan Boat crosses the finish line first. However, if no clan reaches the finish line, the clan that went the farthest is awarded first place for that week. After a week, the cycle will reset to Training Days, and each total War lasts five weeks, while each clan loses or gains trophies each week depending on where they finished that week. On the fifth week, the clan's boat stops at the Colosseum as the final round of battles. At the end of season, Clans that have high placement gain a significant amount of Clan Trophies.

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Do you have any ideas what i can fix with this deck?

Sometimes a supposed weak card will be better than your preferred minion because it is a higher level. You may notice advanced players using Skeletons often once that card reaches a higher level. It’s because they can become pretty useful, so make sure you’re willing to adapt and change as you improve the individual cards.

Players can hop into the new version of Clash Royale by updating the game through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Chests are extremely important, so open them as often as possible. Try to only spend Gold when it’s really needed, and on troops you’ll actually use. Then once you reach level 3 join a clan so other players can donate cards. You’ll also earn gold for donating, which in turn helps you upgrade your own cards faster too. Keep getting better and better, and you’ll start winning.

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Question to you: Which cards are in your Clash Royale deck and why did you choose those cards (please specify your level)? 

TrustedReviews has put together a guide to help you create a lethal deck that will help take on any foe.

Find out more information on The Royale Crown Down website and sign up directly with your Supercell ID! Once it’s done, the game will automatically update your progress through the event.

As a player progresses in the game, they will face more difficult opponents, although it rarely happens that a player will be overwhelmed by too powerful of an opponent, Supercell should take a look at this. 

Free Gems In Clash Royale 2020

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If you choose to go the more offensive route and put Rocket in your deck, use it as a finisher for towers and such. Only in emergencies should you use it on one of your opponent's troops since it's a bit on the pricey side. That's what the Arrows card is for, after all. If you go with Tesla instead, be sure to put it near the bridge opposite from the one you are mainly using so you can bait your opponent into it more easily. 

• Various minor bug fixes and improvements

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Turns out it’s his name that makes the game crash so not a legitimate hack

Can You Get Hacked On Clash Royale

Make sure you will have a counter for everything. Get troops that attack air, do splash damage, deal heavy single-target damage, and troops that do more than one at a time. You will need one of each on your deck to make it effective.

Juega tus cartas en el momento justo y derrumba las torres de las princesas y del rey enemigos en una partida frenética y estratégica.

Clash Royale was launched in 2016 by Supercell and a free-to-play mobile video game. This real-time-strategy game had quickly drawn people’s attention across the globe which play it daily. Millions of Android and iOS device users play this entertaining game on their devices.

You can open chests in the game to receive prizes. These include cards and upgrades for your troops. However, there is a time limit and a certain wait time before you can open a chest. You can bypass this time limit if you use your jewels. If you are waiting for the chests, then it is better to keep track of the time and open your chests on time to get as many prizes as you can.

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Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in fast real-time battles. From the creators of CLASH OF CLANS comes a real-time multiplayer battle game starring your favourite Clash characters and more. Start battling against players from around the world!

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How do you win all matches in Clash Royale? There is no chance to win all matches. Here is why:

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Clash Royale Battle is a strategy game, which is very popular around the world. If you ever played a strategy game, then you must be aware that how entertaining it is to play strategy games. By playing games like Clash Royale, you can boost your brain, and at the same time, you become more active. Clash Royale is a Freemium (Free and Paid) game, it is like Clash of Clans. Because Clash Royale was created by inspired by Clash of Clans. This game made a lot of progress in less time and today millions of people have downloaded this game all over the world.

Hog Rider! Collect and upgrade 100+ Cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, and many others. Win battles and progress to new Arenas to unlock powerful new cards to your collection.

Even if you give in to the temptation to use a working hack, it may come with repercussions, including a ban from the game. Remember that any Gems you have are gone forever if you lose your account due to a ban.

Clash Royale Free Gems Hack Generator

La sortie d'une nouvelle carte Champion sur Clash Royale, ça se fête ! Et pour cela, rien de mieux qu'un petit défi "amical" afin de découvrir la nouvelle carte en douceur. Supercell nous offre en effet quelques récompenses à collecter, avec pour seule condition d'employer le Maître mineur dans notre deck. Rassurez-vous, ce moustachu est une carte extrêmement forte, et il s'insère à merveille dans de nombreux archétypes existants.

Hey bro...i really appreciate ur strategy.... I'm too using this strategy...i want a id....u said u can give ur 2nd id....i want that .... atleast give me to use it me....u can take it back whenever you want...i just want to play much... I'm on arena 10 ...plzzzzzzzzzzzz

For casual players, no thinking required!

Last but not least, Clash with Ash is a popular YouTuber who makes videos for Supercell. He offers a little of everything and has some helpful tips for beginners and more. Also watch videos from GamingWithMolt or Nickatnyte for troop ideas.

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The newest feature that has been added to Clash Royale are its tournaments! Tournaments are created with gems and offer the only method of exciting un penalized gameplay (besides the training camp and friendly battles).

8. Baby Dragon - It's very good because it's air and deals a good amount of damage. Has OK life. (4 elixir).

All team chats also have a profanity filter. It's a good idea to advise your child that if they are chatting with someone they don't know and are uncomfortable with, they should exit the team/game and speak to you about it. Users can leave a team whenever they want to. Furthermore a report functionality is directly accessible from within the chat. Read more about that in the next section.

To download Clash Royale Apk Mod, please click on the download button at the top of the article or at the end of this article. You will then find the Apk file on's “Download” page. Follow the necessary instructions and you will download Clash Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Gold,Gems) for free.

Making the opponent’s deck expensive is a great way to get advantages in the draft challenge. Always try to give the higher elixir costing cards to your opponent. It may include good tanky cards but if you manage to set their average elixir cost between 5-6 then it will be hard for your opponent to cycle the cards and you can easily take one or two crown towers by spamming low elixir costing good cards. But it will be hard to counter high elixir costing decks during 2x or 3x elixir periods since the elixir producing rate will remain higher at that time so be aware.

Think ahead, be methodical, don't be in a hurry to use spells as a surprise to your advantage. Spells such as Lightning can also deal last damage as the clock progresses or in overtime to gain a victory.

1. Wait for your opponent to move first while you sit at 10 elixir

Mix up your deck with both high and low Elixir troops, as well as both ground and air. Giving you a wide array of options at any moment. If everything costs too much you’ll have moments where there are no cards available to play, and lose. A few cheap cards like the Fire Spirits are a great cheap counter. I use the Ice Spirit in every single deck. Don’t forget to have at least one or two “splash damage” cards. Like the Valkyrie, spells, or even Archers. If you get a Legendary, use it.

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Right now the metagame doesn't shift too drastically from Spell Valley to Builder's Workshop, so the same decks you've found success with in Arena 5 should serve you well enough here as well.

Depending on what cards you got, it's important to have a troop that's good at clearing out multiple troops, fast. Perhaps the best card for this is Valkyrie, which is the perfect troop for countering against the Skeleton Army or other low-hitpoint troops. Simply drop her right in the middle of the action and she'll clear things out quick. Bomber can also be used as an effective counter, but you'll want to spawn him a bit away from the action due to his low-hitpoint. The Wizard can also be a useful counter troop, as his splash damage is effective against multiple troops. Skeleton Army can also be a good card to have for countering against Giants and the like, but keep in mind that Arrows, Fireball or a Valkyrie could easily clear them out.

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Technically, yes. Can we consider hacking as cheating? Because one of the strongest trainers (is he the strongest?), Trainer Cheddar, is insane. He just spams high elixer cards down without pause, which is completely impossible normally. How can you consecutively place a Sparky and a Lava Hound in the span of 2 seconds? After placing the Sparky, you would have at most 4 elixer left, and be forced to wait for the 3 elixer to build up (which takes more than 2 seconds, as one elixer takes approximately 1.3 seconds to generate) before you can place your second Lava Hound.