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Hi, I'm Rod Williams and draw comics. Due to a traumatic event in my childhood I was left fearful and unable to trust people in general. That was until I found a bag of old comics my brother left behind when he went away to college. In this bag I found amazing tales of heroics and adventure that captured my imagination and provided me with a way to fight my fears. Superheroes became my role models. They were strong and confident and I wanted to be like them. But there was a lack of diversity in comics and over the years I discovered there weren’t many heroes I identified with so I set out to create my own. Using friends and family as the basis for my characters I created the Original Vindicators.
I don't think it’s uncommon for kids to adopt super- heroes as role models. Comics and superheroes are where some kids get their first concepts of good and evil, right and wrong.
The Original Vindicators is an superhero story where anyone can be a hero.

Rod Williams

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