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Software Engineer, Musician, Designer, Hacker and Lifelong Learner.

I current am using the following:

Dart - Flutter

Kotlin - Android

Swift - iOS, MacOS

C++ - Windows, Linux

JS/WebAssembly - Web

Find me on the AppStore and Google Play!

WebsiteGitHub - Spotify

Never Stop Learning!

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I was looking for something like your responsive_layout library for Flutter. And I'm going to use it in an app I'm migrating from native to Flutter. Hopefully, Google realizes how important this is some day and supports it officially.

Rebar Ahmad
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Hopefully One day I can thank you personally or we see us on Flutter Meetings :)

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Great work! Very helpful sir. 

Thank you very much for supporting me!

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Thanks for your meetup talks, podcast and great open source flutter/dart packages!

Thank you so much for the support! I’m glad anything can be of help 😎