Oh shit, you have shrinking attacks? I'd never seen someone have one before. I read all about them when I first heard about it though - from what I read, people can take medication to help prevent them but they can happen to anyone, brought about by something happening in the mind of the person having the attack. I read a little about what causes them too; it seems like it's pretty varied between people but for guys, being aroused makes it more likely to happen.

You don't have a foot fetish, do you? I figure if you don't, putting my foot over by you should help you think less horny thoughts. Uh oh, now you're having another one. I don't think anyone would ever get used to seeing that - you went from a foot shorter than usual to less than half the height you started at. Your feet dangling are closer to the bench we're sitting on then they are to the floor. If I just get my toes right in your face maybe the smell of my foot will kill your arousal so you will stop shrinking.

That didn't work at all, did you get smaller than my foot? It's hilarious that a person could get that small, but what really cracks me up is how you denied being into my feet moments before you shrunk this small due to how much they arouse you. You must have it pretty bad for them.

From what I read about shrinking attacks, what you do next will affect how fast you grow back. If this were it and nothing else happened, and especially if you don't end up cumming while still turned on by what triggered you to shrink, you'd be back close to full size within about a day. But I hear if you do cum right after shrinking, each time you cum while small can mean a week or longer before you even start growing back.

So let's get you a little closer. Your back fits nicely in my palm, let's get that tiny erection of yours up against my sole. With the base of my palm against my heel, you fit nicely straddling my heel with your cock and your face pressed into my sole. I'll bring my other foot in and swap out my hand for it, so my heels touch each other and you're pinned between my soles. Wow, already? That's a decent amount of cum for someone so tiny.

Since I don't have to worry about you growing back for a few days I'm just gonna drop you in the side pocket of my cargo shorts and take you home. You're about the size of my dick so it's going to be fun to see how covered you get when I blast you face-first with my load. You'll have to get used to it because I'm going to make you cum every day. Forget about wanting to be big again, this is your new size and you're mine.