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Have you been practicing a form of yoga with teachers who encouraged you to listen to your body, but then they'd push you to "go deeper" into your pose? Were you wondering how you could make straight lines with your body when your bones, tissues and soul weren't born that way?

If you've begun to shift your mindset and your personal practice with these questions, you've become a Rogue Yogi

Hi, I'm Julie and I've been a yoga teacher for almost a decade. Becoming at-risk for a hip replacement at age 35, acquiring hypermobility and feeling pain no matter how deep I stretched led me to explore other types of bodywork to supplement and truly restore balance to the "force". 

I met some brilliant professionals in the medical field who integrated their expertise into their yoga teachings. Pilates, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Feldenkrais, you name it. They, along with many other teachers outside of the yoga world, have shaped my journey of going Rogue. 

Practicing the Rogue Yogi Life will provide you with anatomy-informed movement, respect for your personal boundaries, creativity on the mat, encouragement of introspection and partnership with you in this process--the journey of trusting yourself.

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