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Getting closer!

Jul 31, 2022

Hello everyone

July has been very hot here in England and has not made it easy to get out and about. Heat and I do not go together! However, I have still been able to produce at least one weekly post on my Substack blog, Roland's Travels. If you're not yet a free subscriber, please click on the link and sign up. You will then receive each new post directly to your inbox.

I have many plans for the future, especially as I retire from my current employment at the end of September. August itself will bring articles and one I am working on at the moment has some fascinating stories, including the story of an early detective and a murder mystery. Don't miss it! Subscribe now.

Coming up too is a podcast featuring an interview with the author of a book, a work of historical fiction which is truly brilliant, and I am sure you will enjoy finding out more.

More videos will also be on my YouTube Channel - you are most welcome to become a free subscriber.

If you would like to support what I do, please firstly subscribe to all the above platforms. Secondly, if you can, please use Buy Me a Coffee to help me to visit more places and allow me to tell you about them. Don't forget to click Follow on here too. It will be greatly appreciated.


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