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I'm an Artist bringing beautiful coffee to the people with Red Bay Coffee. I appreciate entrepreneurial & artistic approaches to living. Committed to diversity. Invested in equity.

After over 16 years helping to launch new products, build brands, and movements, I've decided to focus on bringing beautiful coffee to the people.

I've served as an Advisor and Board Member of Red Bay Coffee for the last five years. This year I have the honor of joining the team full-time–working with an incredibly talented team to establish an inspiring foundation for how food and beverage teams develop and expand. We will educate and evangelize our mission, our products, and our services to every mission aligned office, kitchen, grocery, cafe, and retailer in the world. Our objective is to be the most innovative, efficient, and effective customer-centric team Speciality Coffee has ever seen. 

Red Bay seeks to create unity by hiring and serving people of all backgrounds, striving to be diverse and inclusive of those who have traditionally been left out.

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