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I run a small prototyping company called TwentyPeople in London, where we work on apps and products like, as well as macOS apps like Hue in the Menu.

Outside of my day job, I spend my time as an indie maker, which essentially means I am trying to make apps and products that hopefully save everyone a bit of time.

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Ashamedly, I don't donate often, but I felt compelled in this case; thanks for filling this void with a great app. Keep up the great work.

Thank you SO MUCH! I am in the middle of fixing a few last bugs on the next update, hopefully this one clears out the remaining big ticket items (re-ordering of lights, adjustable window sizing). I added a credits section to the new app, so if you want to send me your name (or any other alias) to [email protected] — I'd be more than happy to include you in the list of people who make the app possible. No worries if you don't want that, all fine by me. Thanks again, what a great Sunday motivation boost!

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Thanks so much!
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Thanks for the HueInTheMenu app and for being so responsive. Enjoy the coffee! -Hassan

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