Buy Roman a coffee


Thank you for stopping by here!

A little over ten years ago, I decided to leave my job behind, hoping to exchange it for a new life of writing code and makings apps that people actually need. Making things that someone enjoys using, is an incredibly (albeit mostly emotionally) rewarding thing to do.

Fun fact: your support donations here are actually "buying a coffee". I currently live in one of the most rural parts of Austria, and I don't have a nice coffee shop around anymore. So, I recently invested in a proper Espresso machine and grinder, which also means I now have to constantly re-order quality coffee beans to be shipped here. No joke!

So, yeah, you're funding a never-ending caffeine rush here. Thank you.

With your support, I can work on apps and products like Hue in the Menu,,, and many other small projects that I feel people could make good use of.

Don't worry if you haven't got any funds to donate, send me a quick hello over on Twitter or by e-mail, tell me how you use the app—that always makes my day and I love hearing about it.

So, thank you, again. You make it all worthwhile.