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WE'RE RAISING4SPACE - We didn't want to have you in a moving truck, we want to have you in a gallery!

100% of all proceeds go to funding art2space, an arts non-profit that provides makerspace, gallery integration, and education and accessibility to becoming an artist as a career. To stay true to the origin of its foundation, this show was constructed inside of a storage unit and remains inside of a moving truck as we continue to fight for our right to expression and the space2create as BIPOC. In the setup of it’s originality a main piece was viewed in very dim light and the white parts glowed in the dark as they were the only parts that mattered in terms of visibility in the ongoing struggles of imperialism, fetishization, colonization, diaspora, and being raised and residing in white dominated cities. 

Why do I make everything about race? Because it’s all that I know.

March, 2021 - The original blog post @romonsta made when starting her original fundraiser for art2space.

Hello! If you know me personally, you know that I have a kind and giving heart.

Asian Hate Crime was the most researched hate crime on Google from 2019 to today. I want to help all of us BIPOC. My creativity heals myself and others. The refusal to be creative is self will and is counter to our true nature. I’m in the works of creating an online/virtual art show that will showcase all of the art I’ve been making the last few months. I've been offline and anti-social. The money you donate will go towards supporting the small local art supply store by my house. The supplies I buy from your donations will be gathered and donated to BIPOC artists who need art supplies.

vision statement: all art, every voice.

mission statement: We envision a world in which our artist neighbors get the accessibility path to the platform of showcasing their skillset and talents into careers. 

Sustainable investments in growing a community of multiracial, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary artists and neighbors committed to societal change by supporting their art creating, community building, and leadership development.

Your donation goes directly to helping underprivileged youth into successful artists. 

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