Progress is slow but steady on the Security+ SY0-601 Study Guide since receiving enough donations to purchase the instructor's guide book. I'm dedicating approximately 2 hours per day to the study guide, more when I can, which isn't often with needing to put food on the table and pay bills and all. Nonetheless, I'm working diligently and am on track to finish up to Section 5 this week (of 21). The time frame remains roughly the same - Jan 31st through the first week of February for version 1.0 completion.

I'm thankful for the support I've received in this project thus far. This is building off of my original notes taken while attending NexGenT and Security+ courses (which were identical). That notebook can be found here:

An update to the BuyMeACoffee page, located at

The default donation size has been changed from $5 to $1 to allow supporters of this project to donate in any whole dollar amount they like rather than the previous $5 increments.

I want to thank you all that have supported me in this endeavor! I literally couldn't do it without you!