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Hello guys,

Welcome to Root Canal Pro. I am a researcher and a teacher of Restorative dentistry and Endodontics, and I do dental practice at the university hospital. I'm involved in a research topic, dental pulp and related tissues. What I enjoy most is translating basic discovery into practical clinical treatment. So I got Sc. D. in Tissue Engineering for my PhD. Just to fill in the times and gaps of my life, I started my YouTube Channel.

All videos and images were produced with the consent of the patient. According to the Korean government's medical law, the name of the hospital cannot be revealed because it constitutes a patient inducement. And there is a precedent that a medical practitioner cannot post embarrassing videos on social media, such as bloody surgeries. This channel adheres to these principles. So, with the consent of the patient, only Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment is being introduced.

I appreciate your interest and wish you a blessed day.


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