Hey Riders! :)

So grateful for your support and kindness. Just wanted to share some information to make the request/suggestion process easier.

As you know, YouTube is a great platform and a fun place to find entertainment, education, music, videos and more. As a content creator it is however also quite the challenge to learn how to provide quality content in a way that works for the algorithms. Meaning I want YouTube to keep pushing my videos out, so the channel can grow and I can keep sharing great videos with you.

This means that I need to be careful what I post. Unfortunately, due to being a new channel and comparatively still small, I cannot share reactions to artists that have few views and subscribers. It could cause the channel to tank due to, yes you guessed it, algorithms. My hope is that as I grow and my channel is strong on the map, I can choose as I see fit, but right now I must be careful.

Most suggestions are no problem, but once in a while you may receive an email from me with the request to either pick a different song, or allow me to keep the video unlisted (sharing it with only you and members/patrons), not making it public for all. I'm still learning and trying to find ways to work around any such issues. Please be patient with me.

Also, if too many songs of the same artist are requested, I may have to either add those as "unlisted" as well or create a second channel with unlisted videos, sharing the link with you directly, in order to ensure diversity and variety on this channel. After all we are all about world music! :)

Lastly, my channel policies include (but are not limited to) that I will not review any videos that condone/glorify violence, contain nudity, sexual harassment, hate speech or extensive foul language. I also avoid videos featuring children (if they play a main or signifiant role), due to YT criteria and regulations. I reserve the right to decline any suggestions/requests, but will do my best to accommodate any alternative suggestions and will directly communicate with you to work out a solution.

If you know of artists, who are trying to grow their platform, or businesses looking to sponsor a channel, please feel free to reach out or refer them to me. I have various promotional packages available.

I'm working hard and truly want to bring you all great videos, filled with world class music, inspiring lyrics and fun entertainment. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please let me know if you have questions. Alright, now it's back to work for me! :)

Thankful for you all.