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BIG NEWS! Latest Coffee Updates...

Nov 29, 2022

Hi Friends! Thank you for your support. It means so very much and allows me to keep creating great content for you! :)


New song suggestions are welcome! I am opening up the portal! :) Wuhuuu

Please read the information below for instructions on how to make a suggestion. 

Also, please note all received coffees funds are gifts/donations in support of Rosalie Reacts. By making a song suggestion, you agree not to hold Rosalie Reacts liable for any content, comments or video elements that you dislike or disagree with. 

Following options are available:

* Any amount of coffee simply to say thank you and support Rosalie

* 3+ Coffees for a special shout out in an upcoming video (please comment with name/any info needed)

* 10+ Coffees for a song request (please understand I had to go up with my requirements & prices to make the work load feasible, worth the work it takes to record, edit and release the videos and to avoid a list that it too long to keep up with). 

These suggestions will be honored! If for some reason I am unable to complete the request, I will message you here directly so we can find an alternative solution.

Please read through the channel policies post here on BMAC if you want to make yourself familiar with what kind of music/videos I can accept. :) (e.g. no music/videos that promote/glorify violence, no nudity, etc.)

Thank you very much for your support!

It's so exciting to see this channel grow and I want to keep bringing you quality videos. See you on the next Ride! 

Eyyooo :)

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