Hello Team!

Stopping by to say THANK YOU for your continuous support and patience with me as I work hard to get your requests recorded, edited and released.

Please see individual comments on your posts/requests for updates throughout the process. The wait time has quite increased since I started this page, due to the very long list, but I am working hard to catch up and am truly grateful for your kindness. and patience.

I usually record and release in the order of requests (first come, first serve basis), but at times have to move things around a bit to ensure variety on the channel as well as include other songs that I want to feature.

I will continue to work hard and hope you can truly enjoy the various videos I release.

As the channel grows and it is financially feasible, I will be upgrading my equipment also, which will save me lots of time in the recording, editing and data storage process, allowing me to get to your videos quicker.

Lots more in store. Stay tuned and again, THANK YOU!