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Another tool for my Psychic Reading kit

Jun 28, 2021

I've purchased this wonderful "Labyrinth Through Time" divination kit from Tea with Karin.

So far with the practice that I've been doing with using this tool, it's come through with Spirit bringing forward an amazing amount of accuracy using this kit and method of Reading. I'm really impressed and having so much fun with giving Readings using this and the other tools from Karin's Etsy store.

Once I feel proficient enough to be giving these Readings for your guidance, you will see them listed as a choice in my Shop. Keep your eyes open for when I'll be listing them here on the Buy Me A Coffee site and in my website at rosboundy.com.au (Shop).

I'll be offering them as a 1:1 Reading as a [Zoom or Be.Live] or 'In Real Life' on my calendly.com/rosboundy appointment booking site. These appointments are with the expectation that you are able to [Join] via a link, into a livestreaming & recorded video session. You can do this via a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop if you have the ability to download a small app to enable you to join me in the Zoom room or Be.Live studio.

All of my Readings are available as EITHER you attending in person or on camera to ask your questions (Calendly appointment & livestream recording) OR you will let me know the question you would like to ask and I do a recorded Reading without you being physically present. Either way, they are private and secure. You receive your link to the YouTube [Unlisted or Private] video to view at your leisure for both options. Be aware though, that the [Unlisted] version of a YouTube video can be viewed by others, if you want to share the link.

It's so exciting to be moving into using new tools and broadening the understandings and messages that you can receive.

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