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Healing is in it's own timing

Healing is in it's own timing

Dec 04, 2021

After what feels like a full year of being in a "Healing Status" -

... from the broken wrist and the repaired tendon in the thumb ...

... I love it when seeing the synchronicities of timing in life ...

I took this screenshot from my mobile phone yesterday as I was using the 'Resonance' process on my Healy device with the connected app.

As I do each day, I put my trust in what the frequencies are about to deliver in the various vibrations and mixtures that are in my own intention for my own wellbeing and also I trust in what Goddess brings forth for my life.

There are so many tools and 'things' that we use to help us along the way, and yet it's what is within us and how we put our own inner skills and senses to work that is the most important,

TRUST your SELF is the biggest lesson that I've learned from this year of having so much of my time being in a 'quiet space'. I haven't been doing 'nothing', I've been TRUSTING.

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