Hello everyone! It's Lin. If ever you're following me on Insta, you probably know already that I've been working on an upcoming project!

I've always wanted to create my own storyline using my own drawings. So, I've decided to create a fantasy WebToon called "The Faintest Star". I'm currently done with the first few chapters of the story and soon I'll be posting the illustrations for the characters. Can't wait to show you everything once it is finished. But, that's it for now!

If ever you're willing to support my art on a monthly basis, the membership inclusions are the following ($4):

  • First, content on my upcoming WebToon, "The Faintest Star" —sketches, coloured artwork, and previews before I release them.

  • You'll get to download my exclusive artworks. I'll be releasing one digital artwork per month that you may download as a wallpaper or art print —my artwork from my Instagram, not available on Redbubble

  • Monthly printables —stickers, planner, etc, star cards??? I have to work on this though so 12 star cards in total

  • Occasional discount codes for art commissions.

  • My undying thanks! It means a lot that you want to be part of my journey as an artist. Here's a virtual sunflower for you 🌻