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Royal Ruckus is Jamey Bennett and Michael Walker. And we are back with new music, and more positive than ever.

Royal Ruckus Presents an EP trilogy of kindness—and the first record drops November 19, 2022, on the 20th anniversary of our Self-Titled release on Flicker Records.

Volume 1: Royal Ruckus Productions proudly presents... Chunjay with Flatline and Friends in... Come On and Wake Up!

If you've enjoyed the "Ruckus resurgence" of the last few years, you'll love this concept series. I hope you'll listen in, share with a friend, and help us make it a reality.

We plan to give the music away freely, as well as on the usual digital channels. If you think the music we make is a worthy endeavor, please consider throwing your support behind it to underwrite our expenses.

Support our music by buying us a coffee, and we'll send you a sticker... (see below)

For everyone who kicks in at least $5 (and requests it), I'll send you a sticker in the mail. Thanks for coming this far. If you'd like to know more, poke around the posts and extras on the site, and visit our other links and social media sites.

For updates, watch this page, or follow Royal Ruckus on twitter. Follow me here.

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