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Irish composer and arranger. Scores of my music are available free in PDF format on my website. You can also watch video scores of my original works and arrangements for guitar.

Welcome to my BMC page. I make all my music compositions and scores available for free on my website. There are PDFs and also video scores so you can listen to the music as you follow along. Buying me a coffee will help to defray the costs involved and keep me awake and inspired! So, if you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee. Thanks for your support!
Ian Holding
Ian Holding bought 3 coffees.

Loved the Quarranteen suite composition. 3 cups of coffee, me, you Mercé, for the road and the valleys that are ahead. 

Hi Ian, Glad you enjoyed our collaboration. Thank you for the coffee and the kind words which are very much appreciated.

Johannes bought 5 coffees.

When I was looking for jazz guitars that Chris made, I came across your website and I found the lovely tune dedicated to him. Thank you for sharing _all_ your music with us.

Syra bought 5 coffees.

I'm enjoying my coffee this morning so much Andrew listening to your music I thought I should make you a coffee too. xx