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We all know exercising is good for our health. However, unlike our ancestors, we spend most of our time with our butts on the chair. Our jobs, activities, leisure time all happen in a sitting-to-lying position. Eventually, we do realise this issue and make a resolution to be more active. To exercise.

The first week or two are fine. Boosted with the motivation and excitement to show others (and ourselves) that we are not lazy people, we give exercising our all. But then this initial energy begins to fade as this new routine now slowly turns into a chore. Now we have to push ourselves to go to the gym or go for a walk. Now we realise that it’s not about showing others. It’s about showing up.

But how do you make yourself show up for exercise?

How did I make sure I stick to my exercise routine?

Here’s my trick — Celebrity Crushes

Here’s how it all began.Here’s how it all began.

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It was one ordinary morning. I was lying on the floor, ready in position, and a dozen other people were doing the same. Our trainer whistled, and we started doing sit-ups — the most basic exercise in humanity. We all were giving our best; the huffing and puffing was proof of that. But what I realised at that moment was that with every sit-up I did, I was losing power for the next one. Sure enough, I had 10 reps to go and was feeling like giving up. Just then, a voice inside me spoke up.

“Do it for Tom Hiddleston!”

That snapped me out of my despair, and I said to the voice, “Yes! Let’s do it for him!”

Lo and behold, I gave my 100% (of whatever level of energy I had left in me) into those last 10 reps. All thanks to Tom Hiddleston! And that is when I found my trick to motivate myself to exercise.

Here’s how to use your celebrity crush/es to your advantage:

Ever since that first incident happened, I made sure to think of my celebrity crushes whenever I felt low or felt like giving up or felt like not exercising. Whenever I came face to face with such a moment, and let’s be honest — it happens very often, I use some or all of the following motivators.

Use these motivators as you get comfortable exercising and are increasing your confidence. That means -

use (1) as a newbie at gym/exercise, (2) when you’re getting used to, (3) when you’re a regular, (4) when you’re getting serious, and (5) when you are turning into a pro at going to the gym/starting your workout.

This doesn’t mean you’re becoming a pro at working out. It means you’re turning pro at showing up to workout. Once you do that, these motivators are there to help you keep going.

  1. May we have a picture, please?

This was my motivator in my initial days. Imagine the day when you come across your celebrity crush and request him/her for a picture. The point of this is that not only do you want to take a picture with them, but you also want to make sure you feel comfortable in your own body. You are happy with the way you look in the picture. The picture reminds you of the best moment of your life — meeting your favourite person and owning the moment with them. I don’t know about you, but when I see a picture of myself with Sebastian Stan, I want to smile at both of them and not cringe at how I am looking. There shouldn’t be a pinch of negativity in that photo.

2. Have you seen Henry’s thighs?

The other day, I was doing goblet squats, and my thighs were on fire. I had just 20 more seconds to go and didn’t want to stop. But my thighs were screaming for help! To which I retorted out loud, “Have you seen Henry’s thighs?” That made me snort-laugh and continue with my squats.

Now I don’t want thighs like Henry Cavill but what it reminded me of is the effort these actors and actresses put into their jobs. They HAVE TO workout. They have to stay healthy and fit. And so do you. Use your celebrity crushes to inspire you to stay up to date with your health. To make this more impactful, watch videos of them working out or sharing their routines and diet. You don’t have to copy them, but they will definitely make you go, “If they can do this much, I can at least give it a shot.”

3. Workout Buddy

Working out with a partner is fun. They make you up your game. It’s kind of healthy competition, trying to see who does it better. You also keep each other motivated to not give up until you’re done. So when I have dull days, when I don’t feel like climbing onto the treadmill, I imagine Keanu Reeves running next to me. And if I am super low, I’ll add Tom Cruise in the mix as well. I find them the most physically active actors from the old lot, and it’s admirable to see all the stunts and choreography they perform at their age. (Yes, I said “old lot” because you know… they are getting old. But like fine wine. And it’s good to have a mix of different aged crushes; it gives you variety.) So when I have a Keanu or Tom next to me, I know I have to give my best.

4. Who is that?

Now, this is getting serious here. You can’t use this motivator until you have crossed the three before. To use this motivator, you have to feel confident enough in yourself and your hard work, no matter how close or far you’re from your goal. Here, you are working out, and your celebrity crush is checking you out. Yup, I said that. He/She/They is/are checking you out. And they are doing it out of curiosity and awe. How is she doing that? is what they’ll think. Whenever I am doing lateral raises and feel my shoulders giving up on me, I imagine Edgar Ramirez is there. He is getting ready for his workout session when he notices me and does a double-take. I promise you if you dream this, your posture will automatically become straight, and you’ll put in the reps.

5. You can do it!

This is where you ultimately want to reach. Your celebrity crushes cheering you on! Please note — I said crushes. That means to bring all of them in. I use this motivator when I do the last five minutes of my jog/run on the treadmill. We are usually closest to the finish line when we feel like giving up. So to give me that extra boost, I imagine all of my crushes, former and present (I have a long list), cheering me on from the sidelines just like best friends do. In today’s age of the internet, it is easy to imagine how your celebrity crushes could react and celebrate. That is what I picture when I complete my session — them cheering and laughing and congratulating me. It does take my serotonin levels a notch higher.

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So now, when you come across me working out and see that I have an intense face, it means I am thinking about my celebrity crushes. And I am also trying not to blush. That’s the only side effect to this whole approach.

But here’s one point you have to keep in mind — no self-pity or self-loathing allowed. Nor, in your imagination, are your crushes allowed to pity or loathe you. Instead, you have to think and believe positive. You are doing your best. The fact that you are reading this article shows how invested you are in your health and well-being. You are on the journey of self-improvement and self-discovery. Some days are high, some days are low, but you’re always doing your best. Anything that helps you move in the right direction is what we need. Even if it means being silly and crushing hard on your crushes.

Now go and crush your workout!