Buy Ruddernation Designs a coffee


Greetings all,

I'm a web developer and programmer,
I've numerous repositories on GitHub and I'm the one who made the old Tinychat room spy but is now just displaying the Tinychat user details/gift count using the API,
I also have WordPress plugins for both the API and Video chat for your own websites.
I also used to run a Userplane website using code I'd modified to use it on my website at the time and this was also the most secure Userplane chat online for some time due to some of the updates I did, most were to combat the "FUBAR" that the chat hackers used to do before Userplane died, 
I gave up having to update it every few days to combat it as it was getting stupid.

I generally work on most of those things when I'm having a good day (From pain and my own mental health).

So if you feel like buying me a coffee then I'd be very grateful.

Thank you and have a great day