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Week 3 Waivers

Sep 18, 2023

So we did pretty well last week! Landed on Purdy, Love, Kyren Williams, Gus Edwards and of course Puka Nacua. Parham didn't show up but TE is still a s***show!

This week, we're learning more and I've come in with some names that I think will have solid weeks moving forward and hopefully be dependable for a few weeks at least.

Let's start out with Desmond Ridder, available in 97% of leagues, he didn't pass the eye-ball test early doors, but with a rushing TD and playing from behind, he managed to eek out a top-10 performance. Consistency is a concern, but with a soft schedule including Detroit and the Texans, you want to be stocking up on Falcons options - if only he could make Kyle Pitts relevant...

Jordan love has dropped in availability, but proves solid in a loss against the Falcons. He's still available in most leagues so go and get him for the same reason you like Ridder: he plays spongey defences in upcoming weeks. Still TBC whether he can stand the test and who his number 1 is, but he proved solid even without Aaron Jones as an option.

Lots of questions in the Indy backfield, but Zack Moss is a bruiser, who recently had a broken arm (!) but came in and impressed for the AFC South team. They will be hitting the run hard in the absence of JT and with the potential of Richardson being in concussion protocol. Indy top brass obviously don't care about running backs and running them into the ground, so maybe just follow what the GM wants to do and take advantage of the expected volume!

Josh Reynolds is a name I never expected to write here...but he's balled out, and become a dependable target in a high volume offense. With Monty potentially out, throwing the ball will become more of an option and Josh Reynolds just seems to get open as all eyes are drawn to ARSB. Without Jameson Williams, expect his volume to stay high until week 7 at least.

Never doubt the Gus Bus! Well, we all knew, despite all the protestation that Baltimore would be a run first team. It's still a committee, but with the team looking to protect Lamar for the whole season, I'd expect to see Gus through the tackles at the goal line.

I liked Mike Gesiki coming into the year. Last year I liked Hunter Henry. Maybe I'm just a year late, but Hunter Henry has had back-to-back TE1 games and seems to be dependable in a team who is having to throw it more in a division with other high scoring teams. Look to Hunter Henry to potentially be the number 1 target in that offense.

Let me know how you did: did you take the advice or did you find another gem?

Plenty more to talk about and I'd be looking at other options in Brian Robinson (if you can get him), Marvin Mims as a long shot and Jayden Reed as a stash, as well as all the options from last week.

Hope this helps you this week! Tell your friends and watch out for the pod covering this in more detail.

See you on the virtual Gridiron!


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