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Ruslan Trad

Ruslan Trad

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With focus on Syria, conflicts, mercenaries. Columnist and Author of The Murder of A Revolution.

Freelancer, journalist, blogger and analyst based in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Editor in crowdfunding media KlinKlin.

Former author in Foreign Policy Bulgaria, and Goethe Institut; freelance columnist in, author in Member of Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. Founder of Intidar Blog - the first Bulgarian blog about MENA region and my personal blog. Co-founder of Bulgarian weekly online journal for war zones and conflicts, De Re Militari.

I was correspondent in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan & Thailand for TEMA Weekly and Bulgarian National Radio. In January 2016 I was in Tunisia, making interviews with Libyan refugees and Tunisian activists. In 2017 I visited Saudi Arabia covering Hajj.

My book: The Murder of a Revolution [BG]

Documentary from N. Iraq [BG]

My interviews and materials have found a place in Bellingcat, Vocal Europe, Bild, Vocativ, IB Times, Der Standard, Muftah, Internazionale, Al Jazeera, and others.

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Croatian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Western weapons could be found on black markets in the Middle East, as weapons officially sold from different countries easily fall into the gray sector because of corruption or military offensives with a bad end. But what can we say about the trafficking of weapons to Europe? My article on the alliances between criminal and terrorist networks:

My latest for European Eye on Radicalization: from Syria to the Sahel and Southeast Asia, ISIS is far from the defeated group that diplomats and media have shown for the past months.
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My article on Syria was published in the new issue of Zenith Magazine. This long-read is a mix of memories of Syria, history, the role of the Syrian embassy in Bulgaria, and how the regime has survived.ämonen

“An Experimental Playground: The footprint of Russian private military companies in Syria”, February 17, 2018, The Defense Post,

“Expanding Global Footprint: Russia Builds on Syria experiments in Central Africa”, May 09, 2018 ,The Defense Post,