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With a focus on Syria, conflicts, hybrid warfare, mercenaries. Freelance columnist, journalist, and author.

A former author in Foreign Policy Bulgaria and Goethe Institut; former freelance columnist in Actualno and Vesti. Member of Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. Co-founder of Bulgarian online journal for conflicts, De Re Militari.

I was a correspondent in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan & Thailand for TEMA Weekly and Bulgarian National Radio. In January 2016, I was in Tunisia, doing interviews with Libyan refugees and Tunisian activists. In 2017 I visited Saudi Arabia covering Hajj. In 2014 I was awarded Activist of the Year by the Helsinki Committee for my journalistic and activist work on refugee issues and Syria war coverage.

Personal blog: Intidar

My book: The Murder of a Revolution [BG, 2017]

Co-author of Conflict reporting in the smartphone era [EN, 2016]

Documentary from N. Iraq [BG, 2014]

Co-author of The Russian Invisible Armies [BG, 2020]

My interviews and materials have found a place in BBC, Bellingcat, European Eye on Radicalization, The New Arab, Vocal Europe, Bild, Vocativ, IB Times, Der Standard, Muftah, Internazionale, Al Jazeera, and others.

Some of my articles published in the international media:

From Syria to Nagorno-Karabakh: Russia and Turkey's complex regional rivalry (The New Arab)

Moscow's mercenaries: How Russia is swelling the global market for private military companies (The New Arab)

Western Withdrawal is Helping ISIS’s Resurgence (EER)

What Russia Gets About Warfare That the West Does Not (Fletcher Forum)

Under the Radar: Iran’s ‘Stealth’ Presence on the Balkans (Globe Post)

An experimental playground: The footprint of Russian private military companies in Syria (Defense Post)

Expanding global footprint: Russia builds on Syria experiments in Central Africa (Defense Post)

The Alliances of Criminal and Terrorists Groups in Europe (EER)

Self-Appointed Defenders Of “Fortress Europe”: Analyzing Bulgarian Border Patrols (Bellingcat)

How the Drug Trade Funds Terrorism (EER)

* Cover photo: Northern Iraq (personal archive)