Interviewed by The New Arab.

On Monday morning, the residents of the Syrian al-Rukban IDP camp awoke to Russian jets screaming across the sky. This was an anomaly – the first time in nearly four years Russian planes violated the US-controlled airspace along the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Two thousand kilometres away, Russian troops were assembling in unprecedented numbers on the borders of Ukraine. Three days later, Russian troops entered Ukraine and launched missiles all across the country, including the capital city, Kyiv.  

European and US diplomats were quick to condemn the move, calling it a breach of international law and a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty. To many, the idea of a Russian military invasion of another state on the European continent was a shock and a challenge to the international norms that comprise their worldview.  

To Syrians, however, Russia’s actions and the inability of the international community to stop it was no surprise.

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