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While my stories wander (or stumble) through a variety of genres I have a tendency to lurk within crime and speculative fiction. A foray into speculative crime fiction must be lurking around a corner somewhere.

My crime fiction affinities cut a wide swath from 80s detective shows and brain candy legal thrillers to the hard-boiled exploits of  unapologetic antiheroes and noir tales of underdogs, outsiders, and the underrepresented.

Speculative fiction seems to be a catch-all term for anything from horror to fantasy to sci-fi—and employed by authors not wishing to be classified as any of the above. I tend to view it as The World of What If.  And with a penchant for near-future technologies and focus on societal/human elements rather than warp drives and artificial gravity, it feels a stretch to call my stories science fiction. (Although have no qualms about doing so.)

However, I’ve become more interested in science fiction after finally realizing the incredible freedom and capacity the genre holds and have started reading some of the classics. And while most of my stories deal with existing/plausible technology I have a soft spot for time travel.