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I taught Russian in the classroom for many years. Now I enjoy creating quick, clear tutorials on all aspects of Russian grammar to help learners with this rich and expressive language.

You can watch over 100 videos on Russian grammar and pronunciation on my Youtube channel. I also have a site at, where I post new videos with supporting exercises; it's a work in progress, but courses on verbs of motion and participles are complete. To help students & teachers working online (will this pandemic ever end!?), access was free for two years.  It's now becoming a pay site, to make possible the maintenance and growth of the project.

Researching, creating, and editing videos takes a lot of time, though. If my materials have helped you over the past two years, please consider supporting my work by buying me a virtual coffee. Спасибо большое за вашу поддержку! Thanks so much for your support!


Dr. Curtis Ford