I didn’t know I was born to be a fighter. I spent my youth avoiding confrontation, doing what I was told and trying to keep the peace. I was the family “weenie” because I was uncoordinated and could literally hurt myself just walking down the sidewalk. In contrast my three sisters were bold and brash and never backed down from a damn thing they didn’t like. That just wasn’t me….or so I thought.

 When I became a single mother and my son was diagnosed with autism I knew where the fight lay. I would do…and have done… everything and anything to get him the education and resources he needed. 

 When I was a police officer I knew where the fight lay. I knew what the mission was and my directive was always crystal clear. Protect the vulnerable and my fellow LEO’s. Bring peace, bring strength and serve everyone that came across my path.

 My son is an adult now but I still fight for him every single day.

 I’m retired from law enforcement and while my mission is different I still fight with my podcast and my books.

 But a time has come to stand up in a different way and I’m a little unclear how we are going to fight this one.

 Censorship has come for conservatives. Banks are refusing to work with certain conservatives. Publishers are canceling conservative voices by refusing to publish their words. Web hosts are taking sites down. Social media platforms are shutting down conservative voices by de-platforming them. Conservative businesses with online platforms are effectively being murdered by those who deem them to scary.

 In my own online publishing business I have come to rely on Amazon as publishing platform and to get eyes on my work. I use Stripe and Paypal to make it easy for people to purchase from me. I use social media to promote my website and products. Without any of these business options how can I still be successful? 

 Maybe you’re like me and wondering how our carefully built businesses can survive and still not support these oligarch tech companies who are canceling our cohorts left and right? This one battle I am not sure I know how to fight.

 I’ve canceled Amazon Prime and I will be steadily working to transfer my published manuscripts from their platform to Draft to Digital. I’ve gotten rid of Twitter and Instagram and I’m poised to exit Facebook as well. LinkdIn is a google company who is not only throttling conservative voices but is pushing its own companies forward in search engines so you don’t see options they don’t agree with. Have you checked a google search lately and tried to find any conservative news? You will be bombarded for pages with CNN and other liberal news outlets.. 

 I think we can see far enough down the road to recognize where we are headed as a nation. I wonder how long social media will even be relevant if we end up in a civil war or WWIII. I know that statement probably sounded super far-fetched but let me ask you; did you ever think we would be where we are today? Where the regime in power has effectively cancelled voices that don’t agree with them? Where our own politicians (I refuse to call them leaders) are calling for re-education camps, cleansing of ideals and forced health passports? Did you ever imagine we would be following a path that we have condemned ever since Hitler was thwarted but only after he managed to murder over 6 million people and completely devastate so many communities? 

 How do we fight back NOW so that same outcome doesn’t happen here on American soil? Complacency and denial is what brought us to this point in history and CANNOT continue! So how do we fight this battle? What steps are YOU taking? 

 Leave me a comment below and let me hear your voice.