Buy Ruth Inman a cup of coffee


It started with Ursula... the desire to create a 3D bird in the style of those I like to paint. Then it morphed into the Bird Family. I was so thrilled when they made their debut in the storefront at Grand Prairie Mall. 

What will be next?!! I need to keep going... but to keep going, I need supplies and with no outlet for selling art, besides my website (Below), I find it a bit slow going... Visti my store there. I have abstracts, whimsical, and things in between.  Or... 

Piano players have a tip jar on the piano...

Street musicians have their guitar case open...

Even Starbucks baristas have a plastic cup at the register...

... all hoping to receive tips from the public who are encouraging their talent.

How do you tip an artist?  With a  Cup of Coffee! many cups is up to you, just know I appreciate ANY of them!

Thank you!