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Hello, my name is Ruth Mini. I am a Special Collections Librarian with a large digital archive with photos, documents, and oral history from San Antonio, TX, and surrounding counties. I love books and preserving history.

My first book is a Young Adult Romance novel called Sad Songs and Gray Dresses, but I am in the process of branching out to different genres and age groups. I will be releasing a children's picture book and historical fiction novel soon.

5 years ago, I started giving away free books. As of March 2022, we have given away 11,000 books

Your donation pays for expenses like cloud storage for the digital archive, special collection development, and running the website. 

If you buy me a "movie ticket," I can take a break from my hard work and enjoy a movie. I struggle with relaxing and your donation will give me a chance to enjoy well deserved relaxation time. 

We cannot do this without you!

Thank you for your support!

Ruth Mini

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