Buy Ruth O'Brien a coffee


Hey lovely supporter! If you'd like to get behind any of the projects I'm doing, I would be incredibly grateful.

As a freelance arts administrator, writer, singer/songwriter, and occasional speaker/panelist, paid gigs can sometimes be clumped together or spaced weeks apart. I also do a lot of work behind the scenes that I'm not paid for including:

- Running Facebook groups to support the arts in my beloved hometown of Canberra

- Curating a fortnightly newsletter for the Canberra music industry

- Writing social media post about articles and jobs I come across in the arts

- Music rehearsal time

- Writing blog posts and creating content

If you're able to shout me a coffee to show your support for what I'm doing and help me get to the next stage of my creative career, that would be amazing. Likewise, if you'd like to become a member and get regular updates about the things I'm working on, that would also be, so incredibly amazing :-) 

I want to use my time on this planet to have a big contribution to the communities around me. Would love to bring you on my creative career journey!