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Oct 23

New single out this week
Hello good people,Just a quick note to say I'm going live very shortly at 4pm over at www.faceb

Sep 29

Update and third single

Hi everyone,I've had a strange few weeks, having caught Covid while in Edinburgh. This meant I had to isolate and stay there for longer than I'd planned! I didn't have my laptop with me and while I was there, my third single came out... Very quietly because there wasn't much I could do. So, today is the day that I'm officially launching it, now I've caught up with myself.So I would really love your help. Even if you are one of the switched on people who have... more

Sep 17

Second single out tomorrow
Hello good people. I'm very excited to tell you that my second single releases tomorrow. Here&#

Jul 31

Gig tomorrow and exciting news

I'm doing a half an hour folk set at the Coot, Horsham, tomorrow lunchtime if anyone's up for coming to see me I accidentally joined a rock band, our first gig is next month! So I'm suddenly learning lots of rock songs. I didn't really see that one coming but I'd been thinking how much I'd love to sing some rock, so I couldn't really turn the opportunity down. Yes, I'm probably mad but I can't help loving singing.... more

Jul 16

New video out now
Here's a thing about being a solo musician. We learn to play our instruments, develop passion f

Jul 09

Album announcement
Singing with shantymen
Busy week
Big announcement!