Finding Outdoors Spaces Wherever I Can

Finding Outdoors Spaces Wherever I Can

Dec 28, 2022

Experiences over things. That has always been a mantra that I live by. So, this year my family voted on taking a trip together instead of exchanging gifts. New York City was to be the destination. Not a place you expect much in outdoor green space. But a little haven from the busy hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle was Central Park. Believe it or not Central Park is 843 acres with 58 miles of hiking trails and 8 ponds and lakes. So of course, my inner compass took me there. And guess what it's not flat! There are hills and rocky out croppings to climb. The pond was frozen, that tells you how cold it was even on a sunny day.

Temps stayed in the teens and the wind, was chilllllyyyy. But I really enjoyed all that the park had to offer. No matter where I go or what kind of trip I take, I will always look for things to do outside as that is where my heart will forever be drawn to. Happy Holidays & Wishing you an amazing 2023! ~Jacqueline~

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