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I made readermode.io : A distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools ➖ Indiemaker ➖ Minimalist ➖ Eat plants 🌱

Hello! 😊

I'm an indie maker who's trying to survive in this big wide world~ 🌎

I'm originally from Malaysia, but I officially moved to the UK 2 years after I got my Tier 1, Exceptional Talent visa. You can read my story here: https://medium.com/@ryzalyusoff/how-i-got-my-uk-technation-exceptional-talent-visa-4e912af68ff0

So in the UK i help developing projects for people, friends and do side projects on the side to support my self. So any supports from you would means so much to me and will help me survive 🙏 ❤️️

To follow my journey and updates from me, feel free to connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryzalyusoff and reach me anytime! My DM is always open 😊

josh bought a coffee.
Paula bought a coffee.

I love using the Reader Mode pro app on Google Chrome.  It has been wonderful while obtaining my MBA and with the 16+ hours of screentime I have a day between work and school.  Good luck on your journey! 

Thanks for the love Paula!! 🙌  I really wanted help people read better and make the web more pleasurable and accessible and that's why I'm so so happy when I hear that it helps you like that :)) Thanks a lot for the coffee and good luck for your MBA! 😊 

@ErwinRemoteDev bought a coffee.

Being a solo entrepreneur can be exceptionally tough and launching day can be very stressful. I've stumbled upon Readermode.io just now, you've built a beautiful product! My compliments, it looks great! Good luck in the upcoming days/weeks/months. Your next coffee is on me, enjoy!

Yes a very hard life indeed! And thank you so much for checking it out and for the coffee!! 😋  I appreciate it so much and your support really means a lot! I'm gonna enjoy my coffee now and thank you again! 🙏🤗

Cat Lab.dev
Cat Lab.dev bought a coffee.

Thank you Ryzal for building Readermode, I helps me to improve my concentration, I switched to watch youtube channels/ listen to podcasts instead as online articles were so distracted. Thank you for bringing me back. Winnie 🤓

Thanks a lot Winnie! 😍🙏 I appreciate it so much and I am really happy that what Reader Mode has helped you with your productivity~~ Love #thecatlab and say my hello to Woori hehe 😻 😸 

Zoe Chew bought a coffee.

Love using http://Readermode.io it helps me focus better when reading online article. It's a thoughtful tool in a sense that you can customize fonts, theme, get rid of ads. Thanks Ryzal for building it!

Thank you for your support Zoe!! 😍 Appreciate it a lot! And really glad that the extension helps you well with your reading on the web! No worries and enjoy! 🙌☺️