Herbs and spices fight inflammation and reduce damage to your body’s cells Adding herbs and spices to your diet has another benefit: “Because they’re so flavorful, they make it easier to cut back on less healthy ingredients like salt, sugar, and added fat, Choose to eat the herb or spice instead of taking it in pill form, a capsule may not have the amount of something that it claims to, or it may have unhealthy additives. If you’re new to cooking with herbs and spices, try pinch at a time to figure out which ingredients and flavor combinations you like. Try these herbs and spices to your clean eating meals Dried or fresh red chillies  , Tumeric powder, Coriander powder or fresh coriander, Mixed or Italian herbs, Paprika , Black pepper corns or powdered, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano (A must.😋.very delicious spice) , Garlic flakes or powder, Bayleaves, Crushed garlic and ginger,....  For a bit of heat try Indian mix masala in moderation . These are just the few I like using..you can add any other spices that I might not be aware of..please feel free to share😇💖😁