Thank you so much for stopping by and buying me a coffee. It's tough times and, like many people, I've lost some income as a result of the necessary things that are going on. It's great that there is a simple way for people to show a little appreciation for the stuff I do.

So, how does it work? I offer a fair amount of my time out to the communities I am part of in a variety of ways. I don't receive payments for these, I do them as a service to people and am very happy to do so. Some of these things provide a contribution towards the costs I incur.

Through the Buy Me a Coffee system I can offer people the chance to help me out a little. I like the concept. If we were out and about you might want to buy me a coffee to say "thanks", and I'd really appreciate it. Here's a chance to do just that.

Whilst we're in the CV-19 period, and whilst we recover from it, I will use the funds provided in local settings. That might be a take out from the Old House at Home, or to buy some veg' from Wilsons'. I'll ensure the funds are pushed back through the Overton community in some way.

Thank you again. It all really helps. And as you are probably a Tai-Chi or an ukulele student, please go practice!